Powerful web-based requirement engineering tool to easily manage, track, and organize your business requirements, releases, and changes

XORICON Requirements helps you manage and track your business, product, or software requirements, as well as organize your business analysis and product management departments. Its powerful web-based user interface makes it easy to plan, manage, approve, and validate requirements, changes, and releases for your products and projects. 

  • Requirements Specification

    Requirements Specification

    Structure and detail your project-related requirements in a hierarchical tree. Add documents, links, and comments. More

  • Issue Tracking

    Issue Tracking

    Create incident, change, problem, service  or feature request tickets and use custom worklists to view, filter, and prioritize. More

  • Release Management

    Release Management

    Define and analyze releases and cycles, link requirements and issues, and create release-based reports. More

  • Custom Views and Filter

    Custom Views and Filter

    Display data in tables, lists, trees, or tree tables. Each view can be customized and personalized. More

  • Fully Customizable Data Model

    Fully Customizable Data Model

    Create unlimited new entities with custom fields and individual relationships between entities. More

  • Workflows and Notifications

    Workflows and Notifications

    Specify your own workflow rules with custom email notifications and automatic field updates.  More

  • Projects, Branches, and Baselines

    Projects, Branches, and Baselines

    Organize your data within projects. Create and use branches for different releases and freeze branches as baselines. More

  • Dashboards, Graphs, and Reports

    Dashboards, Graphs, and Reports

    Define custom graph and report templates. Arrange tables, lists, and graphs into personalized dashboards. More

  • Fine-Grained Permission Model

    Fine-Grained Permission Model

    Manage users and user groups with a fine-grained and comprehensive permission model. More

XORICON Requirements is our recommended solution for requirements management and engineering. If you also need test management features, e.g.,  test coverage, we recommend that you upgrade to XORICON TestLab. TestLab contains all features of XORICON Requirements, including support for test and quality management. If you are interested, please click here.