Our mission is to increase the quality of your software and development process 

XORICON has been in the software quality business since 2004 and is headquartered in Germany. We provide professional, affordable, web-based software for release management, requirement engineering, test case management, change management, and IT service management. We offer on-premise installations, as well as hosted SaaS/cloud solutions.

We provide several features that other competitors in this market area do not offer, e.g., we support a fully configurable and customizable domain model. You can define your own custom entities, custom relationships, and custom fields. This allows you to extend our products to your specific needs. Remember: a tool should not determine your process, but your process should determine the tool.



    Visionary application lifecycle management tool with reusable test cases and support for branching and baselining

  • XORICON TestLab

    XORICON TestLab

    Professional web-based test case management and requirement engineering software to improve product quality and track QA efforts More

  • XORICON Requirements

    XORICON Requirements

    Powerful web-based requirement management tool to manage, organize, and track requirements, releases, and changes. More

  • XORICON IssueTracker

    XORICON IssueTracker

    Powerful web-based issue and ticket tracking system to easily manage, track and organize your tasks, defects and ideas. More

  • XORICON AppCreator Platform

    XORICON AppCreator Platform

    Platform to Build Your Own Business Application — Fast, Easy, and with Zero Coding More

Beyond our web-based software products, we provide professional model-driven tests and GUI automation for applications built on Java AWT/Swing. You specify test cases in our test case management tool, by modeling the UI elements (components), data inputs (actions), and assertions (checkpoints). You then export the test case or test suite and run it with our test automation software. For new UI elements, you must interactively learn the UI element once; known UI elements can be served automatically by our test automation software. A comprehensive report will be generated for each test run. All automated test results can be uploaded to our test case management software.