How to create a new Entity

This tutorial describes how to create a new Entity. With Entities you can define data records like customers, tasks, or events. Create Entities, add custom fields and define relationships to model your business domain

  1. Click on the green button
    New Entity
    in the top right corner of the screen
  2. Enter into field

  3. Change selection field to
    Default Fields
    Add Name Field

  4. Click on the blue button
    below the attributes form panel
  5. The new Entity is now saved to the database
  6. The new Entity contains a field
    and technical fields like
    Created at
    Last modified by

  7. Click on the Close-Icon
    in the top right corner of the pop up to close the window
  8. The main navigation bar on the top of the screen now contains a new tab

  9. Upon clicking on this tab, the table view for Entity Idea is displayed

Please note that all Tutorials can be run interactively inside the application.