How to create a new User Group

This tutorial describes how to create a new User Group. Manage permissions with pre-built or custom User Groups. Assign Users to User Groups and fine-tune individual user interface views and access rights.

  1. Move the mouse over the label
    in the top right corner (without clicking it)
  2. A panel containing all the different admin options will pop up: on this panel click on label
    User Groups

  3. Click on the green button
    + User Group
    on top of the main workspace area
  4. A new User Group is created and a form panel comes up where attributes of the User Group can be set
  5. Enter into field
    Idea Manager

  6. Click on the blue button
    below the attributes form panel
  7. The new User Group is now saved to the database
  8. Click on the Close-Icon
    in the top right corner of the pop up to close the window

Please note that all Tutorials can be run interactively inside the application.